was developed with one goal in mind: to create an easy to read, unbiased resource that covered all aspects of financial life, written in a way that everyone can understand. Our team performed market research over several months and found a lack of intuitive financial help on the web. Our first set of Financial Guides, covering a broad range of topics from Budgeting & Savings to Homeownership and Investing, seek to help the common person distill important and potentially complex finance matters, into step-by-step explanations accompanied with resources to other reading.

As we continue to develop the site, our goals for each guide or article we write are:

  • Develop a world class financial learning curriculum. We’ve created comprehensive, unbiased and uniquely digestible guides on the following subjects:

    • budgeting and savings
    • investment
    • credit management
    • credit cards
    • home ownership
    • small business ownership
  • Create resources for every life stage. We’ve segmented and curated specific financial help for all of the major life stages that a person can go through. Visit those sections of the site here:

    • college students
    • parents and children
    • married and domestic partnerships
    • military and veterans
    • retirees
    • small business owners
  • Curate the best financial resources on the web. Along with the resources available in our financial guides, we’ve compiled a library of general finance resources to bring you to the best books, websites, tools/calculators, and influencers to follow on social media along with a large financial glossary to reference.

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